To manage your recurring training and reenrollment dates, navigate to the course and click on Bulk Actions in the Users & Groups tab.


Next, click on Download CSV template in the CSV Upload tab and open the file in a program like Excel.


Once it's opened, you'll be using the expiration_date column to manage your recurring training, while the next_reenrollment_date column will tell you the exact date the user will be reenrolled.


For both columns, ensure that the date format is in yyyy-mm-dd.

Next, enter the date that their certification expires in the expiration_date field. This functions the same way that Validity Length setting does in the course settings. By default, this will be the day that they are reenrolled.

If you have the Early Re-Enrollment Window setting enabled for the course, the learners' actual reenrollment dates will be shown in the column when you download the CSV. This column cannot be changed or modified and is simply there for reference.

To clear or remove a date, enter a hyphen (-) in the cell — do not just leave it empty.

NOTE: Do not modify or delete the course_progress_id column. Changing this column can result in duplicate course progresses being created for your users.

Once the sheet has been completed, simply upload the file into the CSV Upload tab by clicking on the Choose File button, selecting the saved file, then clicking on the Upload button.

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