Unlike sharing a course, duplicated content will be fully editable and will allow Admins to have the same amount of access and control as content uploaded directly. Content can only be duplicated from the parent platform to a subplatform — content cannot be duplicated from subplatforms.

Before you can use this feature, you will need to first speak to your Account Manager who will provide you with the URL you'll need to begin duplicating content.

Once you've navigated to the content sharing page, you can use the tabs near the top to switch between Courses, Materials, Assessments, and Learning Paths. Use the checkboxes to select the content you want to share.


Duplicating a course will also duplicate the material contained within it, and duplicating a Learning Path will also duplicate each courses and their respective material lists.

Once you're done, click on Select Platforms. Choose the subplatform(s) you want to add the content to, then click on Duplicate Content.

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