First, you'll need to open the file that you want to add to SkyPrep.

Next, click on the Share button in the upper-right corner, followed by Get shareable link.

Next, click on Anyone at X with the link can view, followed by More....

Now select the On - Anyone with the link option and click Save.

Click on Copy link to copy the link that you'll need to add the document to SkyPrep.

Now, navigate to SkyPrep, click on Teaching, then on Materials. Click on Add Material and select the Embed Link option.

Paste the URL in first, followed by the name of the document. Finally, click on Should this Link be Embedded.

NOTE: In order for the Should this Link be Embedded option to appear, you will need to enter the URL in the field before you name the item.

Once done, your document will be visible within SkyPrep.

If editing/collaboration is disabled on the document, changes made to the document by the document owner will be pushed up once every five (5) minutes.

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