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Purchasing Premade Courses
Purchasing Premade Courses

SkyPrep is integrated directly with OpenSesame, a course vendor with more than 20,000 courses. The purchasing flow is described here.

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SkyPrep is integrated with OpenSesame, allowing you to browse their course catalog and instantly add any of them to your platform.

To get started, click on Teaching, then on Courses, then on the Purchase Course button.


This will open the OpenSesame page. You can browse courses and relevant industries using the buttons at the top of the page, as well as search for specific courses.

Once you have chosen a course, you will need to add it to your cart.

In the cart, fill in the number of seats that you wish to purchase. You will need to purchase one seat for every user that will be taking the course. Once finished, finalize your choice by clicking Add to Cart.

On the next page, you will have the option to either Continue Shopping or Checkout and purchase the course.

Enter your payment information and click Complete Purchase once you decide to checkout.

Once your payment has gone through, you will be redirected to the Sync page, where you will need to click on Sync to add the course to your platform.

Wait for the sync to finish, then you will be redirected to the OpenSesame folder in your Materials section. You can then add your new course to one of your SkyPrep courses like you would any other material.

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