To do that, click on Reporting, then on Report Builder. Using the drop-down menu, select Assessment.

Select the Assessment that you want to run a report on.

The next page's drop-down will default to All Users. If you continue, it will generate a report for every learner's attempts on the assessment. To choose a specific user, use the drop down menu to select them.

On the next page, you can either download the report or preview it.

For most of the data, you will want to make sure you are in the Data tab and not the Summary tab.

The Name column displays the name of the learner who attempted the assessment.

The Email column displays their email.

User Identifier displays their User Identifier if you have one set up for them.

Grade displays that attempt's grade.

Date Attempted shows the day, time, and time zone for when the assessment was attempted.

The columns after that show the Question, the Correct Answer, and the Answer Provided.

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