Setting Up an In-Person Session

First, navigate to the course that you want to create an in-person session for by clicking on Teaching then on Courses.

From there, click on the Materials & Assessments tab, then use the drop-down menu to add an In-Person session.


You will then be prompted to enter a name and specify the date, time, and location of the session.

Use the Calendar to set the date.

Then set the time.

Once done, click Schedule and Add In Person Session. You should see it appear in the course module list. You will also see Today's Attendance Key. This is a code that your learners can use to mark themselves present. We will cover this in a following section in more detail.


Managing an In-Person Session

To access the In-Person Session management page, click on Home then on Dashboard. Click on the tab labeled Upcoming Sessions. From there, click on the In-Person session that you are starting.

In the menu, you will see details about the session, as well as a list of learners who are currently enrolled. Learners who are enrolled in the course that contains the in-person session will be automatically enrolled. If you want to view documentation about adding learners to courses as well as allowing learners to self enroll, click the links. You can manually mark learners as present using the Mark As Present button. The Attendance Key can be found in this screen as well.

Learner Interface - Session Information

To view upcoming in-person sessions, your learners can click on the Calendar at the top right of My Learning.


This will show them all of the upcoming sessions, as well as any relevant information when they click on the time.

Learners can also navigate to the course and click on the In-Person Session Module which will also show the relevant information.


Learner Interface - Post-Session

After attending an in-person session, the learner can mark themselves as having attended by clicking on the module in the course and filling in the Attendance Key field with the attendance key you provided.

Allowing Self-Enrollment

To allow learners to self-enroll, the course must be offered in the Course Catalog. Learners can then enter the Course Catalog and click on Upcoming Sessions.

Using the calendar, they can then enroll themselves in any course with an upcoming session.

Creating Stand-Alone Sessions

If you want to create an in-person session that does not belong to any specific course, you can always create a new course that only contains the one in-person session.

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