When a learner first starts a course, they will enter the course portal.

  1. This is where the course name and administrator contact email (if applicable) are found.

  2. This is the course introduction where any relevant information can be found.

  3. The course image is displayed in this area. If a learner hovers their mouse over the image, they can also launch the course video by clicking on the play button.

  4. This button lets the learner continue from where they last left off.

  5. Notifies a learner whether force order has been enabled or not.

  6. Shows how close a learner is to completing a course.

  7. Breaks down the course and shows the user what the module order is. The learner can also click on any available or completed modules to launch them.

  8. Displays modules that are available (no icon), locked by force order or another restriction (lock icon), and completed (green check icon)

  9. This is where the bulletin board is located if it is enabled.

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