Post assessment user feedback is a way for you to leave feedback for your users after they have finished an assessment.

To enable User Feedback, click on Teaching, then on Assessments. Then click on the assessment that you want to add feedback for.


Click on General Settings and find the Post-Assessment User Feedback drop-down menu. From there, you will the different options: 1) Show Status Only 2) Show Status and Grade 3) Show Status, Grade and Question Summary 4) Show Status, Grade, Question Summary, and Answers, and 5) Show Status, Grade, Question Summary, Answers, and Feedback.


There are several different types of feedback that are available.

1. Show Status Only

This shows only whether the user has passed or failed the assessment.

2. Show Status and Grade

This shows the default screen upon assessment completion.

3. Show Status, Grade and Question Summary

Displays the question numbers in squares, with correct answers highlighted in green and incorrect answers highlighted in red.

4. Show Status, Grade, Question Summary, and Answers

Displays the previous information together with all the possible answers, with the submitted answer highlighted.

5. Show Status, Grade, Question Summary, Answers, and Feedback

Displays the incorrect question number, the potential answer, as well as the correct answer and any feedback that you have provided.

Adding Feedback to Questions

To enter your feedback, simply click Edit on the question that you want to provide feedback for from within the Questions tab, or create a new question.


Click on Feedback Options.

From there, you can enter your feedback text, as well as upload an image and specify the maximum width or height (whichever is larger) of the image.

Viewing Feedback

If your learners want to view feedback for an assessment that they previously completed, they simply need to click on the assessment from within the course, then click on the attempt.

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