If you want to collect user feedback for a course, click on Reporting on the left panel, then click on User Feedback. Enable the feature by clicking the button to the right of Enable User Feedback. Once that's done, fill out the information in the form and enter the feedback message that you want your users to see. Click Save.

When a learner logs in, the feedback section will be visible in the form of a button at the top.

The learner will be presented with this page where there are several options for them. At the top, the thumbs can designate the feedback as either positive or negative, or neutral if none of them are selected. Does this relate to one of your courses will allow them to specify whether the feedback is General feedback or Course Specific. The input field will display the question that you chose and it is where they can enter any feedback that they have. They also have an option to Attach a Screenshot. The contact information is displayed on the right, if you opted to include any. Once done, the learner needs to hit Submit, then the feedback will be sent to the administrator.

When a learner provides feedback, you will see this page with the information laid out in a visual way, allowing you to see the results at a glance. To find this information, simply scroll down on the User Feedback page.

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