If you have access to the new Learner interface (by participating in the Beta test), you have the option to enable different settings at the course level.

If you click on any course, you will see a new tab at the end labelled New Learner UI Settings.

From here, you can enable different settings to choose how the course appears to Learners in the new interface:


Course Overview Layout

The course overview page is where Learners are taken once they click on a course to begin. It is also where they can see the list of modules that they will need to complete.

There are two layouts that you can choose from to select how the course image appears in the overview page:


The first layout is the Full Width Banner, which shows the course image at a wider and magnified length:


The second option is the Split Width Banner, which shows the course image in a regular fitted square format on the left:


Select the layout that you prefer, and the Course Overview Layout setting will automatically be updated.

Discussion Board

You also have the option to enable a Discussion Board in the new interface.

To turn on the discussion board, just click on the toggle button:


Once you have enabled it, users enrolled in the course can post a message asking any question related to the course. Other Learners enrolled can also view and respond to these messages:


Recommended Resource Center Articles

The last setting available from the New Learner UI Settings, allows you to choose articles from the Resource Center to recommend to Learners after they completed the course.

Click the Select Resource Center Articles box, and choose the articles that are relevant:


After you have selected which articles to Add to Recommended List, your changes will automatically be saved.

In the new interface, the recommended articles will now appear in the course overview page, below the course outline:


They will also appear when your Learners have completed the entire course, and they receive a pop-up message confirming their completion. In the same pop-up box, the articles will appear as a list of Recommended Resources:


The Learner can click on the articles from both the course overview page and the course completion pop-up box, and the link to the article in the Resource Center will open in a new tab taking them directly to the article.

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