To start, find your course by clicking on Teaching then Courses. Enter the course and click on the General Settings tab.

Scroll down to Email Notifications and Reminders and click on Set Reminders beside Scheduled Reminders.


Enter the Subject, Message, and select the delivery date by clicking the field beside Delivery Date. You can also specify which learners will receive the message based on their course progress/history. Once done, click Schedule Reminder at the bottom.


You can view the scheduled reminders by clicking on the View Reminders button under the original Set Reminders button.

Once sent, Learners can find the Reminder Notification in their SkyPrep Messages Inbox as seen below. The SkyPrep Inbox can be found by clicking on the user's name on the top right corner, then on Messages.


Have the Reminders Emailed to Learners

In order to have the same notification sent to the Learner's email address, you will need to have Message Notification Email enabled for Learners in your Email Templates page, which you can find under Home > Customization.


Make sure Enable Email Notifications is also turned on for the user! You can check this by clicking on Edit User in the People > Users page.

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