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Manager - Tracking Upcoming Dates
Manager - Tracking Upcoming Dates

As a Manager, it's important to keep track of your users' upcoming deadlines and re-enrollments, as shown in this article.

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Note: This feature will be deprecated by the end of 2023 and will be fully replaced by the Roles & Permissions feature.

On your manager dashboard, you'll see two tabs labelled Upcoming Deadlines and Upcoming Reenrollments. In these sections, you'll be able to see users who either have a deadline or course reenrollment coming up within the next two weeks, as well as users who have already passed their deadlines.

You can click on the Number of Users for more information about each of the deadlines and reenrollments.

In each section, you'll see a list of courses you oversee that have users with either a deadline or re-enrollment coming up within the next two weeks, depending on the option you choose. Clicking on an entry will bring up a list of the users that have something upcoming. From here, depending on your permissions, you'll be able to download reports, check/edit their course progress, and look at their overall progress in their courses.

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