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From branding to setting up SSO, this section covers all of the settings and features you can use to tailor the SkyPrep experience to meet your needs.

SkyPrep Studio

Courses form the bulk of your training. This section contains topics ranging from basic course creation to managing recurring training in bulk.

Users & Groups

User and Group features allow you to manage both individual users and large segments of users at once. The topics covered in this section will teach you how to efficiently manage your users, regardless of how many you have.


This section contains everything you need to know about adding, creating, and modifying content, together with information about using Webinars.


SkyPrep's assessment builder lets you quickly build quizzes and tests to gauge your learners' understanding of the training material. This section will teach you how to create them.


Whether you're proving compliance for an audit or are simply checking survey responses, the reporting features can give you the data you need. This section will show you how.


Got questions about email notifications or the different messaging features? This section has got you covered.


A help section covering the Learner role, written in their perspective.

Account & Billing

Interested in selling courses? This section covers everything you need to get started, from setting up your payment methods to bundling your courses together to sell as a package.

Workflow Automation

This section covers the use of Zapier to make conditional logic rules in SkyPrep. Learn how to trigger actions in SkyPrep when specific rules and criteria are met.

Mobile Application

A guide to using the SkyPrep mobile application for both iOS and Android devices.

Content Manager

A help section covering the Content Manager role and its functions, written in their perspective.


A help section covering the Group and User Manager roles and their functions, written in their perspective.


Regardless of whether you're using BoostHQ as a standalone service or as a SkyPrep integration, you'll find the information you need in here!