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Manager - Assigning Users to Groups
Manager - Assigning Users to Groups

If you're assigned to manage a Group, you can add users to it and by doing so, also enrol them into all of the courses assigned to the Group

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Note: This feature will be deprecated by the end of 2023 and will be fully replaced by the Roles & Permissions feature.

First, click on Manager, then click on My Groups.

Next, click on the name of the Group that you want to add a user to.

Lastly, click on the Add User button. This will bring up a form that you can use to add the user. The Email field is checked first -- if a user with that email already exists in the platform, then that user is simply added to the group. If the user does not exist, an account will be created using the information that you entered, then they will be enrolled in the group. A user that is added to a Group will automatically be enrolled in all of the Courses that are assigned to the Group.

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