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Post-Purchase Flow
Post-Purchase Flow

Several things happen after a user purchases a course. This article covers each step of the automated process, as well as potential issues.

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After a learner purchases a course, there are several things that happen:

  1. Stripe/PayPal will have to verify the payment

  2. After the payment is verified, the merchant notifies us and an account is then created for the learner which is immediately enrolled in the course(s)

  3. User account information, such as the platform URL and the learner's login information is sent via email to the learner

  4. Course enrollment email is sent to the learner

Once these steps are completed, a learner will be able to access their course.

There may be issues in certain circumstances that prohibit the learner from receiving their emails, such as:

  • The email that you are trying to reach has been incorrectly entered

  • The email has been flagged as spam

  • The email service that the learner is using has been set to only allow incoming emails from specific domains - this is unfortunately completely out of your control and you will need to either have them or their IT department whitelist emails that are being sent from your platform

  • Email Notifications have been disabled for the user

There may be times when payment processing creates a delay. In this case, you can always manually provide learners with access to the platform. Please refer to this article to find out how.

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