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Adding and Removing Managers
Adding and Removing Managers

This article covers the different methods of assigning Managers, as well as how to remove the Manager role from a user.

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If you are on the Premium or Enterprise plan, you add them just like any other user! Click on People then on Users. From there, click the blue Add User button on the top right. Fill in their information and change the Role from Learner to Manager. Once that’s done, click Create New User on the bottom.


Alternatively, you can assign an existing user as a Manager. To do this, just click on People then on Users, and click the Edit button beside the user you want to promote to a Manager. Next, just use the drop-down menu to change their Role from Learner to Manager. You can also use this field to change a Manager back to a Learner.


Once you have added the Manager to the platform, you can then proceed to choose which groups or courses you want them to be managing.

Just click on that Manager's name within the Users section:

Once you are brought to their user profile, click on the Manager Permissions tab.

From there, you can quickly Assign them as a Manager of any Groups or Courses by selecting the options from the dropdown menu.


You can also remove Managers from any groups or courses that they are already assigned to, and also edit their permissions.

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