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Getting Started With Selling
Getting Started With Selling

A step-by-step walkthrough of how to set up your platform and get it ready for selling courses.

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To begin, you first need to enable courses to be sold. To do this, click on Settings Icon then System Configuration.

Then click on the Sell Settings tab. Check the box labelled Enable Course Settings.

From here, you can choose to set up Stripe or PayPal. Enter the information for your payment collection method and the currency in which you want to be paid. Click Update at the bottom when you're done.

Selling Courses

To enable a specific course to be sold, you will need to click on Training, then Courses, then click on the course that you want to sell.

Click on the Sell Settings tab and Enable Course For Sale. You will then need to enter the sale price and membership length (how long a learner can access a course after payment is processed). Now all that you have to do is either embed the code in your website or use the direct link.

If you want to set the tax rate that is automatically charged, just append &tax_rate at the end of the URL. For example,

Selling Courses via the Course Catalog

After you have configured your courses for sale, you can add them to the Course Catalog, accessible under the Training category in the top navigation bar. To add a course to the Catalog, click on the Add to Catalog button.

Use the Select Courses and Learning Paths dropdown to choose which courses you want to add, and select the Course Must Be Purchased option. The course will be sold using the settings you configured in its Sell Settings area.

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