To begin the process of adding content to the platform, click on Materials, then either drag-and-drop your files into the section highlighted below, or click on the Add Material button.

On the following page, you'll be able to add content from a variety of sources.

  1. Single File: This option is the most basic and allows you to add one item to the platform.

  2. Multiple Files: Use this option if you don't want to drag-and-drop your content and have more than one to upload at a time.

  3. Content Builder: Use this to build content right from within the SkyPrep platform. Refer to this article for more information about how to use the Content Builder.

  4. YouTube: Use this option to add a YouTube video. Use the normal YouTube URL – do not use the embed URL.

  5. Vimeo: Use this option to add a Vimeo video. Use the normal YouTube URL – do not use the embed URL.

  6. Embed Link: This allows you to embed an external website in SkyPrep. Enter the URL first, followed by the name of the website, and enable Should this link be embedded?. With it checked off, SkyPrep will try to display the website within the platform. However, not all websites will allow this, and if it does not, the learners will just see a button to click to take them to the website in a new tab.

  7. Rich HTML: Use this option if you want to create content using HTML code.

  8. SCORM 1.2 Package: This option is the only way to upload a SCORM package. Trying any other method to upload a SCORM package will result in the package not being able to be opened within the platform.

  9. Select File: When in Single File, clicking this button will let you connect with all of the services that we are integrated with.

  10. Allow Learners to Download this File: This file allows

NOTE: If you are uploading a SCORM 1.2 package, you must use the Add Material button and select the SCORM 1.2 Package option. Drag-and-Drop will not work.

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