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To add content, first navigate to the Group you want to add the item to. Next, just click on Share Content.


Share Link: To share online content, use this option.

Upload File: This option allows you to upload content directly from your device. Most common file types such as PDFs, videos, and Word documents can be opened directly within BoostHQ.

Google Drive: Use this option to either import or create a new Google Doc, Sheet, or Slide. Enabling Allow others to edit this file will allow all Group members to collaborate on the document.

Calendar: Import a Google Calendar and have it displayed in the Group.

HTML Page: Use this option create a document using HTML code. Any code you enter will be previewed live.

For all content, you will be able to select a Tags and add Categories.

Tags let you attach key words to content for easy searchability.

Categories allow you to easily segment your content. To add a Category, just click on the Cog icon in the Categories panel on the right of the Group page. After adding Categories, you’ll be able to choose which one the content will be added under.

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