Click Make a Zap.


Select SkyPrep.


Select New User and click Save + Continue.

Test the connection or Save + Continue.

Choose a sample user and click Continue on the next page.

Click on Your Zap currently lacks an Action step. Add one now!

Select SkyPrep.

Select Enroll a User Into a Course and click Continue.

Test the connection or Save + Continue.

Use the Course ID dropdown to choose which course the user will be enrolled into.

Click on the Insert a Field button beside User Email. Click on Email and click Continue.

Click Send Test to SkyPrep, and if the message says success, your Zap is working! Click Finish. If the message says error, double check that the sample user was not already enrolled in the course. If they were, remove the user from the course and try the test again.

Give your Zap a name, then turn it On.

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