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Adding Users Without Their Emails
Adding Users Without Their Emails

Emails are used for login purposes for the most part. If you need to add users without emails, follow this article on using a CSV file.

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You can do this by utilizing our Bulk Upload feature. Click on People, then Users. From here, click Bulk User Management.


In the Upload tab, click CSV Bulk Upload Template.


Once the file finishes downloading, open it using Excel or another similar program. Enter the user’s first and last name, and a unique identifier in the Email field. For example, if the person’s name is John Smith, you could enter JohnS as the Email. Enter a password for the user in the Password field. Once that’s done, you can fill out any additional information that you’d like, then save the file.

Go back to SkyPrep, and click Choose File. Select the file you just edited, then click Open. Once that’s done, click Upload Users.


The user can now login using the identifier and password that you provided. The user can change their password once they have logged in.

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