A Learning Path is a bundle of courses that are offered together. When a learner is enrolled in a Learning Path, they will be enrolled in every course that is contained in the Learning Path. You also have the option to set the order in which the courses need to be taken.

To begin creating a Learning Path, click on Learning Path, followed by Create Learning Path. Give the Learning Path a name, then click Create.

On the next page, click on the Courses tab if you're not already there, then click the Add Course to Learning Path button. Select the courses you want to add, then click the Add Course button.

Next, decide if you want Enforce Course Sequence. With it on, all courses in the Learning Path will have to be taken in order from the top course to the bottom course. If you want to reorder a course, just hover over the course and you'll see the Edit and Move buttons appear on the right. Just click on the cross-shaped icon and drag-and-drop it wherever you want the course to be slotted into.

In the Learning Path's General Settings tab, you'll be able to change the Learning Path's name, add a Learning Path image that functions just like a course image, as well as add an introduction and categorize the Learning Path.

The Learning Path Certificate allows you to specify the certificate that the Learner receives upon completion of the whole Learning Path. If this option is enabled, the individual courses' certificates will still be sent out if they're turned on.

Once done, click Update Learning Path Settings.

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