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Bulk Uploading of Assessment Questions
Bulk Uploading of Assessment Questions
If you prefer to work in a CSV file and upload questions in bulk, this article covers what you'll need to do.
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Click on Teaching then Assessments. Click the Upload Assessment from Excel (CSV) button.

From there, click the Sample CSV Assessment Upload Template button.

Fill out the CSV file that you just downloaded.

In the Number field, simply enter the number of the question that you're currently creating.

The Question field determines what the question says.

The Answer x (x = a number) fields determine the multiple-choice possibilities. You can add extra columns to add more possible answers (ensure to name the columns correctly, ie. "answer 4", "answer 5", and "answer 6")

The correct-answer field is where you enter the correct answer โ€“ a number (separated by commas for answers with multiple correct answers) for multiple-choice, TRUE or FALSE for true or false, the correct answer (separated by commas for answers with multiple correct answers) for fill-in-the-blank, and nothing for short answer.

The Solution field determines the question feedback that the learner will see.

Question-style determines the type of question. They can be either multiple-choice, true-false, fill-blank, or short-answer.

Value determines the marking weight of the question.

Click Choose File and select the file that you just uploaded and click Upload.

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