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Manager - Your Dashboard
Manager - Your Dashboard

An overview of the dashboard you see when you first sign into the platform.

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Note: This feature will be deprecated by the end of 2023 and will be fully replaced by the Roles & Permissions feature.

The Manager Dashboard is where you're taken after clicking on Manager - My Dashboard on the top navigation menu.

This page serves to give you quick, at-a-glance information about any items or users that may require attention.

Let's quickly break down what's shown on the Manager Dashboard.

1) The Role toggle allows you to switch between the Learner view where you will be taking your courses and the Manager view allows you access to the Manager-specific features.

2) My Dashboard takes you to the page shown in the screenshot above. On this page, you will see several information panels that give you up-to-date information about any items that may require your attention.

3) If there are any assessments that require Grading, they will be shown in the Ungraded Assessments tab. Just click on the name of any of the assessments to be taken to the assessment grading page.

4) If there are any checklists that require review, they will be shown in the Ungraded Checklist for Review tab. Just click on the name of any of the assessments to be taken to the assessment grading page.

5) If a Course has Learners enrolled where their deadlines (either based on a set End Date or Course Length) are coming up within the next two weeks, or have already passed, the name of the Course, as well as the number of users falling in this category will be shown in Upcoming Deadlines.

6) Similar to Upcoming Deadlines, Upcoming Reenrollments notifies you when a user has recurring training coming up within the next two weeks. Their re-enrollment is automated and requires no action on your part โ€“ this section is just to notify you about upcoming events.

7) The Upcoming ILT Timeslots section shows all ILT sessions coming up in the next two weeks that have users you oversee attending them, together with a button you can use to send them a message. If the ILT does not have any of your users scheduled to attend, it will not appear.

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