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Uploading User Files & Notes
Uploading User Files & Notes

SkyPrep allows you to attach files and notes to a user's profile, letting you easily keep track of forms, notices, certificates, and more.

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To upload a file or create a note in a user's profile, navigate to the Users page and click on the person you want to edit.

Next, click Add a Document in the Documents tab.

In the following form, enter the name (required).

Attach File: Click this button to upload a file, such as a PDF or image.

Notes: If you don't want to upload a file but rather make a note, enter the note here.

Description: Use this field to provide additional information about the file or note.

Category: Adds a category to the note for sorting.

Provider: If the uploaded file comes from a provider, such as an external CPR course, you can list the provider here.

Validity: How long the upload is valid for, if applicable.

Visible to Learner: Off by default, this option allows Learners to see the file or note in their account.

If Visible to Learner is enabled, the learner can access the content by clicking on their profile icon in the upper-right, on My Account, then on My Documents.

Here they can see all files and notes that have been attached to their profile, as long as those items have visibility enabled.

Below is an example of the entire process.

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