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HRIS Data Mapping and Import Rules
HRIS Data Mapping and Import Rules
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SkyPrep's HRIS integrations allow you to easily map user data from your HRIS platforms to SkyPrep's custom label fields, as well as decide which users to import based on those fields.

This article will use ADP as an example, but all SkyPrep HRIS integrations function the same way. To begin, start by navigating to your HRIS system's Integrations page in SkyPrep and click on the Data Mapping tab.

The SkyPrep Property column will list all of the user fields currently active in SkyPrep. Simply use the Primary Value to set which HRIS property you want to map to the respective SkyPrep property. If the Primary Value is empty in your HRIS, then SkyPrep will pull the data from the Secondary Value if one is assigned.

While most of the fields are entirely optional, First Name, Last Name, and Email are mandatory and need to be mapped in order for the integration to function properly.

After setting up your data mapping, clicking on the Import Rules tab. This is the area where you can define which users are imported or skipped. Click on the Add Rule button to begin.

You'll be able to create rules that either Import the User or Skip Importing the User. This works for both users and their data โ€” if a user matches rules for skipping, their accounts will not be created nor will their data be updated.

If necessary, you can keep stacking rules to tailor the import behavior to suit your needs.

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