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ADP User Hierarchy Assignment
ADP User Hierarchy Assignment
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Available on 2024 Enterprise plans. Optional addon for Professional plans.

If you have managerial hierarchies established in your HRIS, such as Manager A oversees Users B & C, you can automatically recreate those in your Power User's dataset by enabling either Include Direct Users from HRIS Hierarchy or Include Users From HRIS Hierarchy when creating the Users dataset.

This integration works based on unique identifiers in the HRIS system. For example, if the Manager's User ID in your HRIS system is 1234 and the learner's Reports To ID is also 1234, the Learner will be automatically assigned to the Power User's dataset.

The Direct Users option will only assign people who are directly overseen by the Power User, while the more general Users option will also include all the levels below. Here's an example:

Manager A is assigned to oversee User B

User B is assigned to oversee Users C and D

With the Direct option selected, Manager A would be assigned User B.

With the Users option selected, Manager A would be assigned Users B, C, and D, along with anyone C and D manage, etc.

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