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Setting up SAML using Auth0
Setting up SAML using Auth0

If you use Auth0 for SSO, follow these steps to add SkyPrep to your list of supported services.

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Available on 2024 Professional & Enterprise plans

Note: We provide basic support for SSO through these articles, but we are unable to offer any further assistance regarding the initial setup on your end. If there are errors, debug logs will need to be provided before we are able to assist.

To begin using Auth0 for SSO with SkyPrep, sign into your Auth0 account and click on Applications from within the Admin Interface. From there, click on + Create Application.

Choose a Name for your application and click Create.

In the Usage Tab, click Download beside Identity Provider Metadata.

Copy and paste that into SkyPrep under the SAML settings.

Copy the URL stated underneath the Enabled toggle, where it says ACS Consume Endpoint.

Return to the Auth0 Interface, and click on the Settings tab beside the Usage Tab. Enter the ACS Consume Endpoint under the Application Callback URL. Scroll down and click Update.

To view the SAML claims supported by SkyPrep, click here.

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