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Setting Up Azure Active Directory SSO
Setting Up Azure Active Directory SSO

Follow the steps in this article if you wish to enable SSO using Azure Active Directory and SAML claims.

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Note: We provide basic support for SSO through these articles, but we are unable to offer any further assistance regarding the initial setup on your end. If there are errors, debug logs will need to be provided before we are able to assist.

To begin, start editing your Basic SAML Configuration and add as the Reply URL (Assertion Consumer Service URL).

You can also set up your User Attributes & Claims โ€“ the available fields for SkyPrep will be listed at the bottom of this article.


Download the XML metadata file and copy and paste it into the idP Metadata (XML) section in

Please ensure the SP Login URL is set to

What you have entered in the Entity ID in Azure, has to be the same thing entered in the SP Issuer Name field in SkyPrep.

Finally, check off the options you want at the top of the SAML Settings page and click Update.

Click here to view the list of supported SAML claims.

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