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From branding to setting up SSO, this section covers all of the settings and features you can use to tailor the SkyPrep experience to meet your needs.

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Using Keyword Searching
Salesforce Integration
Enrollment Automation
Limiting Access by Domains
Integrating with Ceridian Dayforce
Using Custom Labels
Adding a Welcome Screen
Customizing the Color Theme
Login Page Customization
Admin Dashboard Customization
Uploading a Logo
Accessing Platform Settings
Uploading a Custom Certificate
Sky Chatbot
Using Paylocity
Performance Tracking
Setting up SAML via Google
Supported SAML Claims
Changing Date Formatting
Setting Up Azure Active Directory SSO
Using Subplatforms
Using the Announcement Board Widget
Importing my BambooHR Users
Using Custom Labels
Integrating Zendesk with SkyPrep
Setting up SSO using Active Directory Connector
Integrating with ADP
Setting up SSO using Active Directory Federation Services
Setting up SSO using the SkyPrep API
Setting up SAML using Okta
Setting up SAML using OneLogin
Setting Up Terms & Conditions
Changing the Default File Viewer
Adding a Welcome Screen
Logging in using Windows Live
Logging in using Google Apps
Enabling SSO for SkyPrep
How do I create subplatforms?
Changing The Color Theme
Modifying Registration Form Fields
Setting Up SSL
Customizing Email Notifications
Using SkyPrep's API
Converting PDF Certificates into HTML
White Labelling
Using a Custom Domain
Uploading a Custom Certificate
Uploading a Logo
Turning Off Admin Notifications?
Social Login Options
Available Languages
Turning On Admin Notifications
Customizing Dashboard Themes
Customizing the Dashboard
Creating and Adding Custom Certificate Values for Learning Paths
Adding Custom Links to Navigation Bar
Learner Dashboard Widgets