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SCORM Troubleshooting Steps
SCORM Troubleshooting Steps

If your SCORM package isn't working properly in SkyPrep, this article contains a list of troubleshooting items you can try.

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If you have trouble opening your SCORM package after waiting for the package to unzip, the first thing to do is to open or unzip the file on your computer and ensure that imsmanifest.xml is listed in the root of the file. If not, make sure that it is or export the file again SCORM 1.2 or SCORM 2004.

SkyPrep accepts SCORM packages containing only HTTPS links. If your uploaded package references an HTTP address, the content will be blocked by your browser. SkyPrep does not notify users if this is the case, so you will need to check your browser console for error messages.

Next, follow these steps, checking the package in SkyPrep after each one:

  1. Try uploading the SCORM file again.

  2. Remove any spaces, special characters, quotes and dashes from the file title. You may also need to limit the length of the title. Characters that will not be accepted include \ / : * ? < > |

  3. Ensure that Flash is not required as it has been deprecated by most browsers.

  4. Clear the cache in your browser.

  5. Upload the content using another browser.

  6. Check your internet connection. A weak internet connection may cause the file to not upload properly.

  7. Check or contact your IT department about your antivirus/malware and firewalls that may be preventing the file from uploading.

Adobe Articulate users whose packages do not work can submit the project file for them to review.

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