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Using Usernames to Log In Instead of Emails
Using Usernames to Log In Instead of Emails

If you want to have users log in using a username that is different than the email they use to receive notifications, follow these steps.

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You will need to change the email column in the Bulk Upload template (you can also use the Bulk Update template to update existing users) to notification_email, and add a new column labelled username.

In the notification_email column, you will enter the email that you want the user's emails to be sent to, and the username column will be what the user logs in with (instead of an email).


In summary:

  1. Download the Bulk Update/Upload Template.

  2. Add a username column and fill it in for each user.

  3. Change the email column to notification_email and ensure the notification emails are correct for each user.

  4. Save the CSV file and upload it back into SkyPrep/

Once they've been uploaded, you can navigate to their profile to edit their Notification Email, if needed.

If the user has a Notification Email set, you will see the Notification Email field in the form.

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