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Integrating Zendesk with SkyPrep
Integrating Zendesk with SkyPrep

We are natively integrated with Zendesk, allowing you to add a button on your Learners' interface that takes them directly to your Zendesk.

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You can easily add a link to your company’s Zendesk portal by following these instructions.

To begin, click on Integrations in the Settings tab.

Scroll down to Integrations, then click on Add to SKyPrep.

Enable the toggle and click Update.

You will see Your Zendesk Subdomain, Shared Secret, and Redirect URL.

Enter your Zendesk subdomain in the field, and enter your JWT SSO Shared Secret Key in the field. If you don’t know where to find your Secret Key, you can click on the (?) beside Shared Secret and you will be redirected to an article covering the setup of JWT with Zendesk.

Once finished, click on Update to save your changes, and click on Test Configuration to ensure that everything is working correctly.

Once everything has been set up, your learners will see a button labelled Support in their interface. Clicking on it will bring them to your Zendesk portal.

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