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Setting up SSO using Active Directory Connector
Setting up SSO using Active Directory Connector

If you need to allow your users to access SSO functionality via an Active Directory Connector, read this article.

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Warning: this connector is unsupported and is provided as a courtesy to our customers who wish to connect their Windows Server ActiveDirectory environment with SkyPrep. Due to the various complex natures of Windows Server environments, SkyPrep is unable to provide support for this product. We provide the source-code for you to build on, compile, test, and deploy within your own Windows Server environment.

The ActiveDirectory Connector (ADC) simply authenticates users against your ActiveDirectory, then uses the SkyPrep API to generate a user login URL, and redirects the user. This is done through an IIS application.

More information can be found on the projects repository available at

Click here to view the list of supported SAML claims.

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