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Setting up SAML using OneLogin
Setting up SAML using OneLogin

OneLogin supports SkyPrep SSO. To set it up, just follow the instructions here.

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Note: We provide basic support for SSO through these articles, but we are unable to offer any further assistance regarding the initial setup on your end. If there are errors, debug logs will need to be provided before we are able to assist.

SAML using OneLogin

SAML using OneLogin allows you to connect your Windows ActiveDirectory to SkyPrep using the OneLogin ActiveDirectory Connector.

OneLogin is free for unlimited users with their free account Sign up at the following link: ( With OneLogin, you can actually do SSO into many different cloud applications (including SkyPrep, of course).

OneLogin also supports sign-in for Google Apps, Workday and LDAP integrations. This means that any of these systems can also be used for single sign-on into SkyPrep. You will need to install the corresponding connectors for each system.

Essentially, the login flow is:

Origin Directory (e.g. ActiveDirectory/Google Apps/Workday) ➝ OneLogin ➝ SkyPrep

Once you've signed up for OneLogin, enter the OneLogin portal, add "New App".

Then search SkyPrep. Click Save.

Then under "Configuration", select the protocol as https and under the domain, enter your primary SkyPrep domain (e.g.

Keep the OneLogin portal interface open and open a new browser window and go to your SkyPrep account and then goto "Home" ➝ "Customization". Under the "Social Login" settings, find OneLogin and click the "Settings" button. If you can't find OneLogin, ask our support team to activate the OneLogin integration for you by opening up a ticket. SAML integration is only available on our Premium and Enterprise plans.

If you'd like SAML authenticated users to automatically be added to SkyPrep (as learners), check "Auto-Add Users".

If you'd like the ActiveDirectory groups of the users to automatically be mapped to SkyPrep groups, check "Auto-Add Groups".

To deploy, download the Metadata XML, copy the contents and paste it into the OneLogin idP section in SkyPrep.

Then click "Save" within the SkyPrep interface.

Once you're done, click "Save" within the OneLogin interface. You can now test the login. Be sure to log-out of SkyPrep first to make sure the OneLogin SSO is working properly.

Within OneLogin, click the OneLogin icon in the top-left, then click on the SkyPrep integration you just added. If everything is configured correctly, it should automatically sign you in to SkyPrep.

Click here to view the list of supported SAML claims.

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