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Course Progresses CSV Updates
Course Progresses CSV Updates

This article covers using a CSV file to enrol users and change their statuses, start/completion dates, and re-enrollment dates in bulk.

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All you need to do is click on the Course that you want to manage. Navigate to the Learners tab, click on the button beside Enroll Users and select the Bulk CSV Update option.

From there, click on Download CSV Template.

Open the CSV file that was just downloaded. You can change course enrollment and completion dates by editing them using Excel or another similar program.

The Expiration Date refers to the date that the user will be re-enrolled in the course via the Validity Length setting. The Next Reenrollment Date should not be edited โ€” the column is read-only and shows the actual date of reenrollment based off the validity length and early reenrollment window.


You can also enroll users directly into the course by entering their email in the email column and entering a 1 in the enrolled column.

The status column can be filled with either passed, failed, in-progress, or not-applicable. Using the not-applicable option will remove the course from a user's enrolled courses without requiring a pass or fail. This is useful for unenrolling users who were enrolled via a Group.

To clear or remove a date, enter a hyphen (-) in the cell.


Save your changes then click on Choose File in the same SkyPrep window you download the template from, select the file you just saved, then hit Upload.

You're done!

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