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Adding Existing Certificates
Adding Existing Certificates

If you want to attach a certificate to a user's profile for an external course/certification, follow the steps in this article.

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All you will need to do is click on Users & Groups, then Users, and navigate to the user's profile by clicking on their name. Once in their Profile, click on the Training History tab and then on the Upload an Existing Certificate button.

This can be an image, a PDF, or something else that shows they completed the course.

The Assign this certificate to: drop-down lets you choose an existing course in your platform to put the certification towards. This will automatically complete the course for the user. If a course doesn't yet exist for the certificate, you can use the Or assign to a new course button.

The Date Completed field lets you enter the day that they user received the certificate. This will also affect the completion date of the course that it was attached to.

Learner Certification Upload

Learners can also upload their own certificates of completion for review by an Admin. They will need to click on Completed Courses, then on Upload an Existing Course Certificate.

Once they have done that, they will need to fill in the form, as well as select the certificate to upload.

Once they have uploaded the certificate, you will see a notification on your dashboard where you can choose to download the certificate and/or review their upload.

By clicking on the certificate preview, you'll be able to assign the certificate to a course for credit, set the date it was earned, as well as accept or reject the submission.

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