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Adding Additional Fields for Bulk Updates
Adding Additional Fields for Bulk Updates

The Bulk Update template only shows the default user fields. If you want to add additional ones from the Custom Labels area, use this guide.

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If you have added custom labels to your platform, you can actually use the Bulk Upload/Update features to fill in the information fields for your users.

When you are in the Custom Labels tab in the Customization section of your platform, you will see a column labeled Default Value. This default value will never change and it is always associated with the text field that is immediately to the right of it.

If you want to fill in the information in a user's profile using the bulk features, you will need to add the corresponding Default Value to the top row of the Bulk Upload or Update spreadsheet. When adding the Default Value, you will need to remove the brackets, change the upper-case letters to lower-case letters, and use an underscore (_) instead of a space.

For example, (Date of birth) would become date_of_birth.

With the spreadsheet open, all you need to do is enter the Default Value to the top row. For example, if you wanted to add the fields that have the Default Values of (Ca 0) and (Ca 1), you would add ca_0 in one column and add ca_1 in the next column.

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