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Tracking Time Spent in Courses
Tracking Time Spent in Courses

Time tracking can be important, especially when it comes to continuing education and compliance. This guide shows how to track time.

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You will need to click on Reporting, then on Report Builder.

Next, select Course Report → Summary of a Course → (Choose a Course) → Summary of This Course → Run Report. You will then see the total amount of time the a learner has spent in the course under the Total Time Spent in Minutes column.

For a more granular overview of a learner's time spent, change the options to Course → Summary of a Course → (Choose a Course) → Summary of a User in This Course → (Choose a User) → Run Report. This will break down the time spent, module by module.

You can get the same report by choosing User Report → Summary of a User → (Choose a User) → Summary of This User in a Course → (Choose a Course) → Run Report.

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