To begin, click on the course that you want to add custom fields for, navigate to the General Settings tab, then click on Set Emails in the Email Notifications and Reminders section.


Click on the tab for the email that you want to customize. Note down the placeholder text (the text in the square brackets, including capitalization and the brackets themselves) as you will need it later. Next, simply fill out the messages that you want to include, then hit Update.

Navigate to your Email Templates by clicking on Home, Customization, then Email Templates. This feature works with Course Enrollment Notification Email, Passed Course Notification Email, Failed Course Notification Email, and the In Progress Course Notification Email. Click on the one that you want to edit.

Now all you will need to do is add the placeholders into the template body, such as [COURSE_GOALS].

Now when a learner meets the requirements to trigger an email, whatever custom message you appended will be included as well.

These messages are unique to the course. This lets you personalize your messages for every course instead of using a generic notification across your entire platform.

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