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Content Being Improperly Displayed
Content Being Improperly Displayed

Files may not display properly in SkyPrep for several reasons, the most common of which are listed here.

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This could be the result of several reasons, with the most common ones being:

Use of illegal characters:

# pound

< left angle bracket

$ dollar sign

+ plus sign

% percent

> right angle bracket

! exclamation point

` backtick

& ampersand

* asterisk

‘ single quotes

| pipe

{ left bracket

? question mark

“ double quotes

= equal sign

} right bracket

/ forward slash

: colon

\ back slash

blank spaces

@ at sign

Starting or ending the file with a space ( ), period (.), hyphen (-), or underscore (_)

More than 30 characters long

Mix of capitals and lowercase letters

Accented characters (é, ê, ÿ)

Try to use a hyphen instead of a space when possible.

Please be sure to use only lowercase characters for all extensions. For example, always use jpg instead of JPG and png instead of PNG.

You should make sure that the name of the file does not contain any of the above before you upload it into SkyPrep. Once the file has been uploaded, you're free to change the name in the platform to whatever you require by using the Edit button beside the material.

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