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Setting Individual Module Restrictions
Setting Individual Module Restrictions

While courses can have settings applied to them, each individual module in a course also has its own settings you can modify.

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Doing this is pretty simple. Just click on the blue edit button beside a course module.

On the next screen, you can set:

Number of Days Until The Module is Unlocked: This determines the number of days that a user has to wait to access the module, starting from the day that they start the course.

Make This Module Available On: Allows you to set a specific day when the module becomes accessible.

Time Required to Spend on Module: The number of seconds that a leaner must spend on a module before it is marked as completed.

This Item Must be Passed/Completed to Continue Course: If this is enabled, a learner will not be able to start any module that comes after the current module until the current module is completed.

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