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Learning Paths are bundles of courses that can have their order enforced. This article goes over their creation and management.

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Learning Paths are essentially groups of courses that can have a set order.

To create a Learning Path, click on Training, then Learning Paths, then Create Learning Path.

You will then have to name the Learning Path, then click Create.

Once created, click on the Learning Path just created and choose Learning Path Settings. You can modify several settings from this page.

  • Name - The name of the Learning Path that is displayed to everyone.

  • Introduction - A short summary of what the Learning Path entails, visible to users when they start the Learning Path.

  • Upload a Picture - Replaces the default image with an image of your choosing.

  • Category - Choose or add a category to help users sort through Learning Paths.

  • Enrollable from a web link - Allows self enrollment.

  • Learning Path Certificate - Provides a certificate of completion when all courses are complete.

To enable self-enrollment, you need to enable Enrollable from a Web Link and fill in the subscribe key. The subscribe key is essentially a password that the learner will need to enter in order to successfully enrol themselves. Once you have chosen a subscribe key, simply provide your learners with the link found below it and they will be able to self-register.

To add courses, simply click on the Learning Path Content tab and click on Add Course to Learning Path on the right.

If you want to force your learners to take courses in a certain order, simply enable Enforce Course Sequence from the Learning Path Content tab.

To modify the order, simply click on the reorder icon at the left of the course and drag-and-drop it to where you would like it to be. Alternatively, you can also use the arrows on the right side of the course to move courses up and down.

Please keep in mind that course prerequisites take precedence over Learning Paths. If one of your courses is the prerequisite of a course that comes before it in a Learning Path, the learner will not be able to complete the Learning Path.

Lastly, to enroll users, simply click on the Enroll Users button in the Learners tab. A new window will appear where you will be able to select the Learned to enroll. Once selected, hit Enroll Users.

You can also enroll groups by going to the Groups tab and selecting Enroll Groups.

When your learners log in, the Learning Paths will be shown at the top of the page. To launch one, they simply need to hover over the Learning Path and click Launch.

Once in the Learning Path, they just need to click on a course to start or continue it.

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