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Changing The Color Theme
Changing The Color Theme

SkyPrep allows you to customize the colors used for the platform. To change the settings, just follow the steps in this article.

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Simply click on Home then Customization. From there, click on the Branding tab. Using the Color Theme drop-down menu, you can select from several preexisting color themes, or make your own custom color theme.


If you want to use a color theme that isn't already available, you can create a custom theme. Here's an example of the Custom color theme in action.

Reflecting Your Website Colors

If you want to reflect look of your website or company with the color theme, you can easily do so by using a color picker tool, such as those found in photo editing software like Adobe Photoshop, or use a color picker browser add-on like Colorzilla.

To use Colorzilla, simply install the extension on your browser. You will see a dropper icon appear somewhere in your browser. In Chrome, it will be next to the address bar.

Click that, and select Color Picker.

Your cursor will change into a + , and all you need to do is place the cursor over the color that you want to use. You will see a six-character code appear at the top of your screen. This is the hex color code that will allow you to replicate the color in SkyPrep.

In your Custom Color Theme, simply add the code into the area shown here, without the number sign (#).

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