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Creating a Course Catalog
Creating a Course Catalog

The Course Catalog allows learners to self-register for courses. You can also limit course visibility in the catalog to specific Groups.

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To start, click on Training, then Course Catalog. Next click on Add to Catalog at the top right.

Next, use the drop-down menu to choose which course you want to add. If you want the course to only be visible to specific groups, check off the Make course visible to select groups? option and use the drop-down menu to choose the groups you want to allow access (learners who are not part of the group chosen will not see the course in the catalog).

You can specify enrollment permission by clicking on Visible to select groups icon.

Use the checkboxes to select who can enroll in a course.

By clicking on View Details after hovering on the course's tile, you will see the course modules as well as a button to remove the course from the catalog.

When a learner clicks on Course Catalog, they will be able to enroll in courses that they have permission to view by clicking Details and then Enroll.

You can also set whether courses require admin approval to join. You can change this setting when adding a new Course/Learning Path or by clicking the Visible to All/Select Groups button.

You can see pending requests in the upper-right of the Course Catalog.

Courses (not Learning Paths) can also be sold. You can change this setting when adding a new course or editing the visibility of an existing one. The course price is taken from the course's Sell Settings area.

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