A user with a disabled login will not be able to log into the platform. Their account will also be hidden from all user lists within the platform, such as the user lists included in Courses, Groups, and Learning Paths.

You will need to have the platform setting enabled that hides users with disabled logins. To do this, click on Home, then on Customization. Go to the Settings tab and find the Restrictions & Security section. You will see an option to Hide Users With Logins Disabled. Make sure this toggle button is turned on, if you want to hide these users from all user lists within the platform. Then click the Update Program Settings button at the bottom of the page to save this setting.


Now to disable an account, click on People, then on Users. Find the account that you want to deactivate and click the Edit button. From there, scroll down and select Yes under Disable Log-in.


Once a user's account has been disabled, they will be removed from the Users list. To view Disabled accounts, you can click on View Users With Disabled Logins at the top of the page.


The next page will show a list of every user that has their login set as disabled, and you can use the same Edit button to reactivate their account by switching their Disable Log-In setting to No.


Disabling Users in Bulk

Download the Bulk Update template. Next, add a column titled login_status. To disable a user, set their value to disabled.

Note: Users who have their login disabled will still show up in reports that you run. If you want to generate a report that hides them, you can use the Advanced Reporting tool to filter out all users with the Disabled Login status.

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