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Previewing Courses
Previewing Courses

This article explains how you can preview the course to get a sense of what it will look like to learners enrolled in it.

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There are two ways to test run a course.

The first way is to use the Preview function. Navigate to the course that you want to preview, then click on Launch Course Preview at the top right.

The second method, which we recommend, is to enroll yourself in the course and use the Admin/Learner toggle.

Now simply click on the course that you want to preview. This will let you access the course as an actual learner, showing you exactly what your learners will see.

Note: You will always see the Download option for your course content if you are logged in as an Admin, and you will be able to skip module prerequisites/orders. The Admin/Learner toggle just changes your interface but doesn't change your permissions.

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