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CFR Compliance Part 11
CFR Compliance Part 11

An overview about how we help maintain CFR Part 11 compliance.

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While it isn't possible to offer a turnkey solution for CFR 11 compliance (it requires both procedural and administrative controls from the user in addition to the software vendor's technical controls), we offer tools and settings that will help you maintain compliance.

1. There are two unique identifiers that is assigned to each learner to verify their identity. All learners have a unique username and password that is required to be submitted before they can access their learner portal.

2. When prompted for an e-signature after any official document reading, it is required that what the user is signing off on is explicitly stated so there is no ambiguity with what they are signing.

3. These signatures cannot be edited once they are submitted by the learner, and we have a date and time stamp tied to the event.

You can click here for a more detailed breakdown of how we assist with maintaining compliance.

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