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Using a Custom Domain
Using a Custom Domain

If you don't want to use your default domain, you can use your own by following these instructions.

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You can use SkyPrep with your own domain, but depending on whether you intend to host the LMS at the root domain (e.g., or a subdomain (e.g., the instructions are different.

Using a subdomain

You'd like to use a subdomain of your domain for your LMS (e.g.

To do this, simply create a CNAME record for "" and point it to "" and notify our support team.

Make sure the CNAME record points to “” (and NOT your current domain)

This is the simplest and easiest set-up.

Using a root domain

You’d like to use the root domain for your LMS (e.g. of a new or existing domain. If you don't intend for the LMS to be hosted at a subdomain of this domain (e.g. then you need a DNS provider that supports a feature such as CNAME Flattening, ALIAS or ANAME record. We recommend switching your DNS provider to Cloudflare if this is a brand new domain as it supports CNAME Flattening and the Free plan would be sufficient for use with SkyPrep.

Once you transition your domain's DNS to Cloudflare and then create a CNAME record at the domain apex (e.g. CNAME pointed to and let our support team know.

If transitioning DNS is not an option for you, see if your existing DNS provider provides something known as an ALIAS or ANAME record. If they do, you'd be able to set the ANAME or ALIAS record for the domain apex (e.g. to It's available from domain name companies such as Namecheap, GoDaddy, Hostinger, Google Domain, and more

The reason for requiring a feature like CNAME Flattening, ALIAS or ANAME is technical, and is due to the fact that you generally cannot use set the domain apex as a CNAME record, and must be an A or AAAA record. We don't supporting using an A or AAAA records, since these records can only point to an IP address, and our custom domain support does not support static IP addresses.

Setting up custom domain for the new interface

If you plan on switching to the new interface and are currently using/have plans to use a custom domain for your SkyPrep platform, there is an additional configuration step that you will need to complete.

You can use one of the two methods below:

Using a wildcard-style CNAME

If you allow wildcards, you can point * to

Using multiple CNAMEs

If wildcards cannot be used, you will have to point the following CNAMEs as described:

  1. to

  2. to

  3. to

For both methods, replace with your platform's domain. The domain will need to be entered verbatim when configuring the CNAME.

Once this is completed, please let us know by clicking on Help Resources at the bottom-right of your screen and sending us a message by clicking on the Ask us a Question button.

Using CAA records

If your company is using CAA records, it is recommended that the following CAs be added to your CAA record.

SkyPrep uses Cloudflare SSL for SaaS to generate the SSL certificates for you and the above CAs (certificate authorities) are the one's they are currently using.

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