In order to use your own domain or subdomain with SkyPrep, you need to point your subdomain’s CNAME record to “”

Make sure the CNAME record points to “” (and NOT your current domain)

For example, if your current SkyPrep account is hosted at, and you’d like to host your SkyPrep account on then:

Point the CNAME record of to (and NOT

If you plan on switching to the new interface and are currently using/have plans to use a custom domain for your SkyPrep platform, there is an additional configuration step that you will need to complete.

You can use one of the two methods below:

Using a wildcard-style CNAME

If you allow wildcards, you can point * to

Using multiple CNAMEs

If wildcards cannot be used, you will have to point the following CNAMEs as described:

  1. to

  2. to

  3. to

For both methods, replace with your platform's domain. The domain will need to be entered verbatim when configuring the CNAME.

Once this is completed, please let us know by clicking on Help Resources at the bottom-right of your screen and sending us a message by clicking on the Ask us a Question button.

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