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What is an Active User?
What is an Active User?

Our plans are based on active user totals rather than the total number of users in your platform. This article goes into more detail.

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An active user is any user that signs in at least once during your monthly (30 day) billing cycle. Once a user has logged in, they will not be counted again as an Active User during your 30-day billing cycle, regardless of how many times they log in.

When the next month of your billing cycle begins, the number of Active Users is reset.

For our current plans, the number of Active Users depends on the number purchased during your initial sign-up process and is not based on the current plan you're on. You can see the maximum allowed Active Users on your plan by following these instructions.

For users that are grandfathered on an older plan (pre-2020), the allowed number of Active Users is as follows:

Starter: 100 Active Users/Month

Advanced: 250 Active Users/Month

Premium: 500 Active Users/Month

Enterprise: 1000+ Active Users/Month

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